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What to Expect

At Paradigm Chiropractic we want to educate our communities to live a life of natural health and healing, the way our bodies are intended to.  We are on a mission to impact as many people as possible by helping families, children and athletes in our community reach an optimal level of health and improved quality of life.  We do that by using the most up to date technology in Chiropractic today to assess the nervous system and apply a gentle specific adjustment to allow the body to heal naturally.  We are honored to have the opportunity to serve the Northwest Arkansas Area with neurologically based chiropractic care.  

Becoming a better you

Rome wasn't built in a day and your symptoms didn't arise in a day.  Healing takes time and we are fully committed to you and your family to provide the safest and most effective treatment so you can become a healthier you. 

Step by Step

Here's what to expect on your first visit with us 

Step 1

New Member Paperwork

This is where we get to hear about you and what your health goals and concerns are. 

Step 2

Office Tour

Join us on an educational tour of our office to make you feel like you're more at home.

Step 3

New Member Consultation 

Here we dive a little deeper into your new member application and get details that will help us provide the best care possible. 

Step 4

Neurologic Assessment 

We use our state of the art technology to fully assess your nervous system function and how it relates to your health concerns.  Other orthopedic exams will be done as needed to truly get down to the root cause.  

Step 5


To see is to know and not to see is to guess.  At Paradigm Chiropractic we do not guess with your health.  X-Rays will be taken as needed in our on-site X-Ray suite.  This allows use to truly provide the safest and most effective care possible. 

Step 6

Report of Findings

At your next visit we will go over exams and X-Rays from the previous visit and answer any question you may have.  We advise you to bring a spouse or loved one because we want you to make an informed decision about your health.  Afterward, you will receive your first adjustment and starting moving towards health goals.

Step 7

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